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The Diary
Anne Ku


7 September 2000 Thursday


I was so focussed on getting to the Chinese take-away and so immersed in my thoughts that I rushed to get there. Impatient as I was, I switched tube trains three times.

When I finally got there and ordered the lunch special, instead of relief, I faced a new anxiety. Where was my wallet? I felt my jean pockets, my jacket, my backpack. Then I dumped my entire backpack out on the table. The little wallet that held my credit card, cash card, namecards, and cash was gone! In less than half an hour, it was gone!

Luckily the waiter and I had struck a bond speaking in Mandarin. He said,"Man man lai" meaning slowly slowly. After a few minutes, I had to confess that I had no cash on me at all. To my surprise, he said, "Don't worry. Come back next time. Here's your soup."

I was so embarrassed and flustered. When the main course came, I couldn't even sit still. I asked him to pack it up and told him that I had to rush to find my wallet. I could not remember how I had dropped it. It couldn't have been pickpocketed as there were few people on the train and platform. So much brain activity to recall what happened and what might happen if somebody did get hold of my thirty pounds cash and my cards. If I could UNDO this, I would have saved myself anxiety and embarrassment.