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The Diary
Anne Ku


6 September 2000 Wednesday


What is it about office chairs that swivel and adjust at the seat and back levels? My back doesn't hurt when I sit on them. Yet when I sit on a regular folding Ikea chair, my shoulder, neck, and back hurt after awhile. I masochistically endured the pain - thinking that it would prevent me from working too long at home, spending too much time on my website and other frivolous activity.

The final straw came when my mother banned me from working on my website. She was concerned that it was hurting my body because I had complained that working on my PC hurt my back. So she equated the PC to the website.

On Monday, I cycled to the shop that had sold me my first swivel chair. I needed another one, I told the man two years later. Marvelously, the price had only doubled since two years before. Same style, same shape - only a different colour. The price tag came with delivery within the hour. I was in heaven!

Now I'm sitting on my grey upholstered second-hand swivel chair. I don't have to give up working on my website. I can now lean my head back, put my arms on the arm rests, and best of all - S W I V E L to my heart's content!