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The Diary of Anne Ku

29 August 2000 Tuesday


Today the postman delivered a ten kilogram bag containing Hill's Science Plan - tuna flavour. My last bag of dried cat food was of the chicken variety. The five kilo bag had lasted five months. I just hope my cat will not get tired of tuna for the next ten months!

In the beginning, when he was a little kitten, I fed him kitty food. Wanting to bond with him, I would often give him bits of my own cooking - raw or cooked. Then I experimented with different brands of cat food and noticed that the more expensive it was, the more he liked it.

During one of my long trips, my cat must have gotten lonely and hungry. He started visiting his best friend more and more often. He was fed on the science diet - i.e. Hill's Science Plan. When I returned home, I discovered that my cat no longer liked the soggy canned food. So I cycled to the local vet around the corner and purchased with my credit card - a five kilo bag of chicken flavoured cat food. No more cans to open. No more cleaning the bowl. It was much easier than having to think of what to feed him next.

Today I cross my fingers and hope that he will love the tuna flavour as much as the chicken flavour. Otherwise, I'll have to enter the second-hand cat food market and find a buyer !



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