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A father speaks

Tonight I met up with my friend's husband who was passing through town. He is open and direct, and makes his business of sussing out any situation quickly to find a solution. Somehow, everytime he sees me I'm always in a problematic state of mind.

Tonight was no exception. As I told him about the recent events and my obsession of trying to change my house, he observed that I was very unhappy about something else. Since I couldn't control that situation, I turned my attention to something I could control.

When I asked him about his life, he suddenly turned into a different mode, not a consultant, but a father.

"My two kids are everything I have. They have everything I own and work for. Although they are still small and naive, they don't realise how much they have of me. I would do everything for them."

This is not the first time I've listened to confident businessmen speak about their family. It's as though their families are more important than their work. And perhaps it takes a father to understand another father.

16 April 2002 Tuesday