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Concertina loft ladders

All I wanted was a ladder that was less steep, more convenient, more comfortable, and felt safer.

The salesman at the Loft Shop said the manual aluminium concertina loft ladder was the best. It didn't look beautiful. It didn't blend with my home decorations, but I had no choice.

When the fitter came to measure, he said that he could do the whole lot for just under 800 pounds. So I agreed to have him over Thursday morning.

Shortly after he left, the salesman called to quote me upwards of 850 pounds for the job. In my dispute, I pointed out that this work had to be done because two years ago his predecessor had measured my space wrongly. I ended up having to open up a new hatch for the three-section ladder I had chosen. It has been several years of dangerous living, needless to say.

The salesman was unrelenting. His quote was firm, not the fitter's.

I asked for his name and that of his manager. I'm not about to waste my breath on a 50 pound difference. He shouldn't either.

In the meantime, I shall surf the Internet for something better. Better looks. Better price.

15 April 2002 Monday

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