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Sister's wisdom

How could my younger sister be wiser than I?

She reminded me I had told her that getting a boyfriend should be easy. A relationship shouldn't be a struggle. That was wise old me after my freshman year in college.

Now she tells me:

A man needs emotional security from a woman, while a woman needs financial security from a man.

For a relationship to work, two people need to be compatible on three levels: intellectual, emotional, and financial.

Money is the true test of a relationship. I thought love was. No, money is, she said. When you have not enough money, does it survive? When you have too much money, does it still work? When you give or lend money, how do you feel?

Just because you're old or older, it doesn't mean you have to settle.

Her friend, someone she considers wiser than herself, told her: "you don't need to have many boyfriends, just the right one."

I asked my sister where she got all this wisdom from. She had simply summarised all the self-help books she's read.

Either I need to read those self-help books or I should become wiser from my own experience.

8 April 2002 Monday

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