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Bon Journal

Tired of it

It occurred to me that the urge to get things free or for a bargain was so strong that I ended up collecting useless objects.

Lured by a sale, I would buy things I didn't need simply because it was a bargain to do so. Similarily, I couldn't refuse free things which appeared to be useful.

Yesterday I looked around my living room and noticed that my second-hand furniture didn't match the designer couch that my investment banker friend gave me. I no longer like the pine book shelves. Have my standards changed or am I merely tired of it?

Like clothes and shoes that go out of style, clutter is no longer fashionable. After staying at designer hotels, I just want a minimalist existence. This means getting rid of things as well as replacing second-hand furniture with expensive but designer ones.

This is the second time I'm renovating my house in less than four years. I got tired of the yellow paint. I got tired of having nowhere to put my bicycle. I got tired of having to go outside to get stuff from the shed.

Is this why Elizabeth Taylor changed husbands so many times? Did she get tired of them, too? I can truly empathise if they got boring. I would do the same.

7 April 2002 Sunday