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Baking frenzy

My recent berry obsession led me to a baking frenzy. First it was jam, then it was jam thimble cookies.

Tired of fruit salad after the third day, I threw the remainder into a fruit teacake recipe. This served me well until I got tired of that. So I showed my jet-setting super (career) woman friend how to mash up the bananas and make banana bread. While the oven was hot, I made a batch of coconut-oatmeal cookies (ANZ cookies).

I gave cookies to my neighbours so that I would have an excuse to try more recipes. The freshly picked wild blackberries screamed for attention. So I made blackberry pudding and shared it with the neighbours who were moving house.

I was attracted to a recipe for making rosemary cookies. My rosemary bush has not been appreciated in my Asian kitchen since I inherited it from the previous inhabitants. But this recipe turned out to be hard work, requiring that I make the dough, refrigerate it, and then roll it out before cutting the cookies. My female instinct started to warn me between the fridge and the table that it wasn't going well. Sure enough, I burned half of the cookies.

It takes only one disaster to kill my baking frenzy. It's gone. Not to return until the next berry season. Meanwhile, I just want to eat ready made food.

1 September 2001

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