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Yearning for peace

Too much noise makes you long for silence. When you feel you've given too much, you expect to take a little.

On this musical retreat, I want to practise piano all day long, sit on the beach, and just observe nature. No ambitious plans of exploring the Welsh terrain or hitting every castle in town. No optimisation strategy.

I now understand why one of my friends always signs himself "Peace". He longs for peace.

When your work is mentally draining, your mind seeks peace. When your work is socially taxing, your emotions need a rest. When your work is physically challenging, your body wants peace.

And so I have come to Pwllheli in search of peace. Away from the business and scientific material that I have to read. Away from the strangers I meet at conferences. Away from the demanding long-haul travel that reigned my year. I have come here to get back in touch with myself - to the personal self that got lost in the frenzy of activity.

So the last thing I want to do - is to join my friends in hiking up to Mount Snowdon.

3 August 2001

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