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Consciously single

I pointed out that my friend's use of the words "we" and "us" in reference to events in his past showed that he was not single. He wasn't even conscious of using these plurals.

When I talk to strangers, I notice if they have rings on their fingers or tan marks on the ring fingers if they are absent.

Unlike my friend, I use the royal "I" and "me" whenever I talk about my past. Whether the experience was with an ex-boyfriend or classmate, I still talk as if I were alone in that experience.

Some men are so unconsciously not single that they bring up their significant others in the second sentence of our conversation. The unhappily married ones don't wear rings and don't talk about their partners. The consciously single seem to zoom in on each other in a crowded room. Their antennas are sharp and raised above all others.

It is not difficult at all to spot the consciously single who are consciously seeking.

31 July 2001