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Merry go roundabout

The English invented the roundabout. There's no need for traffic lights. Yet cars know exactly where to go. Roundabouts don't have to be circular, just round. They can be oval-shaped also. The minimum number of entries and exits in a roundabout is three. I've seen six entry/exit roundabouts. But there must be a limit after which a roundabout is no longer effective.

The way from London to Pwllheli, North Wales includes several roundabouts on the motorway and the smaller A roads.

I took the driver seat from Shrewsbury to the edge of the famous Snowdonia National Park. It was full of sudden roundabouts. I had to shift down from fourth gear to third and even second gear sometimes. But that didn't guarantee a smooth merry-go-round. My friend, who merely wanted a break from the driving, could hardly breathe or sit still. I was driving too fast on the roundabouts. Drivers in other cars were afraid to get on the roundabout when they saw my recklessness.

After half-an-hour of merry-go-round, my friend persuaded me to stop and relax. Apparently, I was pedalling the accelerator with the beat of the music. How can you blame a pianist for being a poor driver? And how can you expect a pianist to go on a roundabout without rubato?

30 July 2001

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