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Cycling along the canal

The Grand Union Canal passes through northern London, I discovered only recently. There's a narrow path on the south side of it which cyclists, joggers, and pedestrians can use. It passes through Little Venice, Maida Vale, Regent's Park, and Camden.

South of the Thames, there's a path that takes you from Richmond all the way to Greenwich. I've cycled this path from central London to the east and on another occasion to the west.

The Brent River meanders a southwesterly direction near Osterly Park. This is a little known part of London.

Cycling along the river is nice - rarely any hills. The best way to see London, I think, is on a bicycle. On my mountain bike, I can join the traffic as the driver of a vehicle or join the pedestrians by walking it. Such flexibility gives me the speed I need to navigate.

23 June 2001

Regent's Park, London 2001
At Regent's Park
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