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Journal Entries



Bon Journal

A private performance

In the heart of London

High ceilings

Wooden floor

Russian, English, Chinese, Dutch

Red wine and cheese

Home-made pasta

And salad on the side

Pecan pie avec organic ice cream

Herbal tea and cognac

Robert Bekkers
Requerdos de Alhambra
Una Limnosita por El Amor de Dios
Romance (1.3 MB MPG streaming video)
Franscesco Tarrega
A. Barrios-Mangore
Anonymous (in movie Les Jeux)
Mateo Carcassi
Me, Elena, Chris
Prelude in C Minor
Tango en Skai (with double dotted i)
JS Bach
I. Albeniz
Roland Dyens
Elena and Chris
Blues Improvisation
Improvisation Tarantas
Wedding at Arundel Castle Nov 2000

22 June 2001


27 May dueting in Amsterdam
6 June flute pieces
Home Concerts