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The Diary
Anne Ku

10 February 2001 Saturday



Lemondrops invited her girl friends to declare war on men. They had all met at work and dated men from work. No one had succeeded, bar one who was getting married next year.

If three glasses of margarita weren't enough to challenge us, we had several bottles of wine as back up. We were all prepared for an all nighter.

Kirsten was divorcing her husband of six months after he had pushed her against the wall. She read that domestic violence begins a little at a time. She gave into his demands, his increasing verbal abuse, and his irrational moods. When he finally threw her hot iron against the wall and marched towards her, she knew that was the last straw.

Mickey had kicked her live-in boyfriend out of her house after she found out that he was cheating on her. She got rid of all his things and told him never to come back.

Lisa had finally realised that she could not rescue her fiance. Everytime he acted abnormal, she would forgive him and try to understand why. After four years, she came to the conclusion that he would never change. Who would come to her rescue if she needed it? She justified that these years were not wasted as she needed to experience the entire life cycle of a relationship, so that she would never wonder if it would have worked out. She needed to confirm that it would never have worked.

Janet meanwhile looked forward to marrying her boyfriend of fourteen years. Would marriage change their relationship?

My goodness, I thought to myself. Are men really so terrible if you just allow them to take you out on a single date? Or perhaps, you should never get involved with someone from work.