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The Matrix Revolutions

The first movie in the trilogy The Matrix was refreshing and exciting. It made me wonder whether we are living the truth or merely fools thinking we are living in the real world. One thing was clear: you can choose.

Some of us, after staring at reality in the face, still choose to live in our interpretation of the world.

In this third movie, the Wachowski brothers did it again. The Matrix Revolutions had me on the edge of my seat --- swinging from quiet, tender moments to action-packed, gripping scenes of extreme violence. It was like riding a rollercoaster, being tossed around ---- until the intermission.

Yes, I watched it at the Bioscoop Catherijne in the Dutch city of Utrecht. Like most movie theatres, this one chose the "pauze" at the most inopportune time. Unlike most movie theatres, it had also invited hooligans who broke out in laughter and curse during the quiet scenes. I was glad somebody got up and alerted the staff.

The interruptions in the movie did slight damage to my concentration and enjoyment of the movie. Was it about the power of true love? The faith in the hero Neo? Or good versus evil?

One thing for sure. It appears as if there will be a fourth Matrix. After all, Neo isn't dead. And what will happen to Zion?

9 November 2003 Sunday

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