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Hotel Reviews

Hotel Reviews

Arabella Grand Sheraton

Konrad-Adenauer Strasse 7
D 60313 Frankfurt, Germany

18-22 September 2000

There are only six floors above the ground floor reception, restaurant, and shopping area. Four elevators are adequate serving the first floor conference suites, rooms from second floor upwards, and the health club on the top floor. More than 300 rooms, I read on the Internet. You can search for any Sheraton hotel at

My request for a quiet room landed me in a spacious one facing the court yard. It had everything I desired, for it was a five star hotel.

The health club consisted of a small area for weight training and other machine-assisted exercise, a small but nice swimming pool facing the court yard. This set up reminded me a little of the Millenium Hilton in Manhattan - floor to ceiling window. The sauna facilities were extra (15 DM). The small health bar sat between the changing rooms and the swimming pool. Unfortunately, the ashtray invited smokers to relax by the pool. This, I found disturbing.

There was no separate smoking area in the conference floor and in the brasserie restaurant. People were free to smoke in your face. I just could not get used to the irony of such a fine hotel, polluted by bad air.

Every night I set my room temperature thermostat to neutral and shut the curtains completely. Every night I slept soundly.

It was a short walk to the train station. Even with my limited German, I could find my way to the correct S-bahn train.