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The Diary
Anne Ku

26 February 2001 Monday



Was it my father or some jealous ex-boyfriend who once said to me that it was impossible to be friends with men? Over the years, I've been able to cultivate friendship with men I'm either not attracted to - or are off limits.

And when they get married, I get invited to the wedding.

Such was the case Saturday night. I hadn't seen the groom for several years. Yet I was invited to the church wedding and the evening party - but not the important luncheon reception. Having been out of touch, I didn't expect to be invited at all. I was curious, indeed, who he was marrying. I felt partly obliged to attend. Yet, I wouldn't know anybody there, for our friendship was confined to three common interests: piano playing, mountain biking, and the electricity industry.

Nevertheless, I still managed to make it back from Germany. After a quick bath, I called someone else who wouldn't know anybody at the wedding. He was rhythmically challenged, while I was emotionally challenged. Perfect couple for a wedding disco, I thought.

After much dilllying and dallying over who should pick up whom, we decided to rendezvous at the midpoint: Gloucester Road tube station. I knew this area well. We had a snack and talked about our strategy. Yes, we shall appear late - after everyone's drunk.

By the time we appeared, there were few people left. The groom was surprised to see me - and even more surprised to see my escort. "So, how did you meet," he kept asking him when I was out of sight. "At a trade show," he replied. "And you are ....?" To which, my clever escort replied, "Yes, I am. I am indeed."

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