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The Diary
Anne Ku

7 December 2000 Thursday






The first Christmas card I received this year was not just a seasons greetings but also an announcement of the birth of a new boy on 2nd November. My friends Jay and Kate, who had moved to Oxford, have become the proud parents of JJ, their first-born.

I didn't even know K was pregnant! Goodness! Was that why they moved into a house this year? I had seen Jay and Kate fall in love, live together, get engaged, plan their wedding, get married, go away on honeymoon. I even played at their wedding. But I did not get to witness the last nine months!

How time flies when you grow up! Someone told me once: life is what happens when you're busy with other things. "Ann, you must stop and smell the roses sometime." How could I stop if I didn't know?

So here is this new baby, just entering this world. I will have to see this young thing before he grows up. I have missed too many weddings because I've been too busy to attend. I have missed too many occasions to celebrate.

There is joy in witnessing life-changing events. There is joy in continuity. And I shall continue to be joyful.

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