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The Diary
Anne Ku

4 December 2000 Monday






Last Thursday evening, I received a twenty-minute massage which released the lactic acid trapped in my muscles. The next day, my body was sore all over. My neck was already sore before the massage. Afterwards, my legs, arms, shoulders, and back ached for a couple of days.

When I was exercising everyday, the endorphins gave me a permanent high. I practically lived in the health club. It was especially nice in the winter, as the health club was warm and cozy.

Somewhere along the way, I stopped doing aerobics and changed my cycling exercise to a medium of transport rather than a way of sightseeing London.

Since I've never been good in sports, I always viewed physical exercise as something competitive and something I would not excel at. It was embarrassing to be the last one chosen in kickball. It was equally embarrassing to get so much assistance during volleyball that I would never hit the ball except when it was my turn to serve. I was lucky playing defense in a soccer game in Germany once. The Germans were such gentlemen not to play offense when I had the ball.

As a result of the competitive nature of physical education, I did not have a positive attitude towards exercise. This all changed when I learned that a particular park in Houston on a Sunday was the place to show off one's biceps. It was where the single professionals go to meet one another. Unfortunately, in London, it's too cold outside to reveal one's muscles however large they may be.

Back to the shiatsu massage I received - I wonder if one gets lazier (more lazy?) as one grows older. Would massage ever become a substitute for exercise?