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The Diary
Anne Ku

2 December 2000 Saturday

dry, calm, nice





The phone rang several times before my answering machine picked it up. Then my other phone rang and rang. I dragged myself out of bed at 10:30 am to check what was so urgent.

Yasmin left a message - Mr Trademark had to cancel tonight because his wife had work to do and he didn't want to come without her.

We were of course disappointed. Not that Mr Trademark was Don Juan or the prime minister, but that we were second place to his Japanese wife.

I suppose he doesn't realise that Yasmin had prepared a list of contacts - the sort of rich investors he needed for his new venture capital fund. I suppose also that he doesn't know that there's not another opportunity to meet like this, until next year. Even so, the commitments we all have these days, may make it impossible.

Most importantly, he probably doesn't know that Yasmin has become a gourmet chef, after years of dining in designer restaurants and now recreating such concoctions in her well-equipped modern kitchen. I, for one, could not believe it myself, as I had recorded in my 26th May diary entry: from career woman to gourmet cook.

It is so unlike Mr Trademark to turn down a dinner invitation, especially for someone who loves to eat. In French class where we had gotten to know each other, I would say how much I loved cooking. He would immediately follow by saying how much he loved eating. Perhaps Mrs Trademark has fulfilled his craving, and his priorities have shifted completely.

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