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The Diary
Anne Ku

5 November 2000 Sunday


Pieces I played:

Tchaikovsky's Valse Sentimentale, The Seasons: April, June, October
Griboedov's Waltz in E Minor
Rachmaninov's 18th Variation from Theme of Paganini (in film "Somewhere in Time")
Elgar's Chanson de Matin, Salute d'Amor
Billy Joel's Nocturne
Eric Clapton's Tears in Heaven


Arundel, Arundel, it sounds so familiar. I had been to this beautiful town two years ago. And I believe I had visited it even earlier - in 1987 perhaps? The castle sits on a hill, overlooking the flooded plains of Southern England.

The taxi I shared with a Russian blonde, who just got off the overnight flight from Washington, DC, took us to the Parish Church of St Nicholas next to Arundel Castle.

Suddenly the organist raised the volume, signalling the arrival of the bride. She was clad in a shoulderless gold silk dress. The white veil did not entirely mask her beauty. "She is as beautiful inside as she is outside," so echoed the walls of this ancient church.

We drove to Amberley Castle afterwards. I took out my music and started to play as the guests entered the 13th century house. The rosewood Steinway Grand felt old and used. I was soon lost in thought, playing Elgar against the Russian masters. It was the beginning of a fine afternoon - the wedding of my Russian friend to her English dove.

At Arundel - piano solo composition by Anne Ku
From Father 8 Nov:
I enjoy your latest composition At Arundel very much. It sounds quite different from your other compositions. It's less feminine and sounds lively and jubilant. You need inspiration to compose. Some writers, composers say they want to be in love to create, so they keep falling in love. I think Liszt and Chopin were criticized in this respect.