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The Diary
Anne Ku

16 October 2000 Monday


I started building this website using Frontpage 98. This summer I switched to Dreamweaver 2.0 only because more than one person told me it was better.

How is it better? Frontpage 98 adds its own code to stamp the Microsoft mark. This extra code prevents my forms from working properly - so I have to hand code the HTML in Notepad.

I do miss Frontpage's Explorer functionality - the various hyperlinking properties. I can see and feel it.

No one likes a monopoly. Perhaps that's why people are willing to try Macromedia's Dreamweaver. The last time I heard a Macromedia marketing presentation, it seemed like they were gaining the marketshare in web site development tools. What then? Where do we go, if they become a monopoly? We are already locked into Shockwave and Flash.