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The Diary
Anne Ku

4 October 2000 Wednesday



Unlike the London Underground which is rather easy to navigate, the Paris Metro is a web of intrigue. Some lines go underground three levels. Each time I visit, it seems to have grown organically.

One stop on the RER took me to Chatelet. From there, I dragged my suitcase through a maze of tunnels to catch the new line, the Number 14 to Biblioteque.

The see-through train carried us at lightning speed through the huge new tunnel. The glass ceiling, glass windows, and glass doors made the entire experience expansive. That is, I didn't feel the claustrophobia of London tube rides.

Everywhere were escalators and lifts to assist the tired and weary, the burdened and weak.

At Cour St Emillion, I rose to a brave new world. Bercy was a new town, a new village. This was not the Paris I remembered. Except for the French I heard, this could be science fiction. Indeed as I sat at the rotating sushi counter, I wondered if I could be in Tokyo?

London tube: