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The Diary
Anne Ku

22 September 2000 Friday



Who is this person I have rushed back to London to see? By the time I got there, I was 20 minutes late. There were no seats left, the organiser informed me.

The room was packed with TV cameras and earnest MBA students. I moved across the back of the room until I found an empty spot.

Someone had mentioned her name to me, during one drunken evening in Amsterdam. I never understood why. Did I remind him of her? He described Dyson as a small but extremely charismatic individual. He said, "You must hear her speak, if you ever get the chance."

During the question and answer session, I sussed out that she was an authority on the New Economy. She is pro-competition. She said, "You don't use the Internet to brand your identity or product. You don't tell people about the brand. You deliver it. Use the Internet to deliver your brand." She believed there would be more non-profit entities and transactions in the future. To this, she asked a show of hands how many took part in this. About 5% raised their hands. I didn't as I forgot that analyticalQ was actuallly non-profit. I suppose, I should have waved both my hands.



Previous LBS speaker I went to see was Nicola Horlick.