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The Diary
Anne Ku

16 September 2000 Saturday cloudy, looks like rain



At a recent conference, one of the speakers said that the Internet will divide the world into two classes of people.

  1. Those that will spend any amount of time to save money.
  2. Those that will spend any amount of money to save time.

I pondered over this, as it was so well-put. I spend countless hours doing my expenses, making sure the exchange rates I use are reasonable and that I include all tips. I visit so many stores learning about the product. I surf the Net endlessly fishing for the best stocks to invest. Do I belong to the first class?

On the other hand, I employ a cleaner so that I wouldn't have to spend the entire weekend cleaning. I rely on my travel agent to do things I could do myself.

It reminds me of a remark my classmate once made of my thriftiness. He said, "Why save money? Just make more money!"