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The Diary
Anne Ku


4 September 2000 Monday


On Saturday morning, I got up from my futon and immediately went to my box of photo albums. Without hesitating, I opened it and flipped through various photo albums with the intention of scanning some photos. Actually, the previous day I had thought of finding more pictures of Patty. I had been scanning my newly developed photos, and the motion of scanning took me into a mindless trance.

Yes, mindless it was. I sat down and started scanning more pictures. I opened the Epson scanner, laid the photo down, pressed pre-scan, adjusted the area I wanted to scan, and then pressed "SCAN". Before I knew it, I had scanned a dozen pictures. Before long, I had spent the entire afternoon in my study, on my computer, pursuing this mindless activity.

Yesterday, I was in the mood to read. So I sat outside and read. It wasn't mindless at all. It was very absorbing - so much so that I couldn't do anything else but read. As the sun moved behind the big trees in the back, I moved inside and started another repetitive activity: clearing and cleaning. I cleared my collection of mail. I cleaned the kitchen. I couldn't stop until the kitchen was sparkling clean.



Some photos I scanned into my photo gallery:

Houston 1997
Singapore 1988
Maui 1999
Chiang Mai 1992
Lima 1997