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The Diary of Anne Ku

14 August 2000 Monday cloudy, humid, dry


Who listens to cassettes these days? CD? To get this onto the web, even midi isn't good enough. Today I got a new software to record CD directly to MP3. The CD was a recording of several tapes, among which was that of my graduation song, Class of 82.

I really need some help here. Do I set the bit rate low or high? From free format, 8 kbits per second, all the way to 160 kbits per second - which do I choose?

How does the sample rate (48,000 down to 8,000) relate to the bit rate?

The mode: stereo, joint stereo, dual channel, single channel.

Encoder model: fast or studio?

Channel map: St->2 Ch: 0=L, 1 =R or other settings?

Input resolution: 8-bit or 16-bit?

Unless I read the instructions, I'll just have to experiment by trial and error.



Class of 82 sung at teh Dating Game

Class of 82 -

soprano - Patty Brightwell,

alto & guitar: Adrienne

flute: Diane

tenor: Robby