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The Diary of Anne Ku

30 July 2000 Sunday sunny


The organic food and wine festival was a three day event held in central London - near the Tate Gallery and Westminster Abbey. I had enjoyed learning and sampling the different organic foods at the Natural Products exhibition earlier - so naturally I had to visit this festival.

I got there on my new razor roller scooter in time for the first afternoon lecture on the joy of eating raw food. If the lady had perfect skin, I would have converted to raw veganism immediately. It took her seven years to become a raw food eater. What discipline! She pointed out reasons why a raw food diet was better than a cooked one. We are the only animals on this earth that cook the food. However if we try to consume only raw food overnight we may get sick as our bodies are not used to it. She said that she was more in touch with herself as a result of eating "living food." She felt better.

The thought of eating raw fruit for breakfast, salads, and beans almost made me ill as I meandered through the exhibition grounds. The thought of giving up the cooked foods of South East Asia and the Orient was itself starvation.

However, maybe it's worth trying out of curiosity. But then, curiosity may kill the cat!