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The Diary of Anne Ku


25 May 2000 Thursday

Good news is best when it is unexpected.

After an authentic evening of the finest bruschetta, linguini alla vongole, vino blanco, tiramisu, and cappuchino all ordered in Italian (courtesy of my quadrilingual friend) from an all-Italian menu in an Italian restaurant served by Italian waiters, I sat back, completely satisfied.  Then my friends topped it off by breaking the news that they were getting married.

Although they would rather have the wedding in Italy, Amsterdam was easier for all their friends to get to.   Besides, the groom's parents and family lived there.

I asked how their families reacted to the good news.  The responses were amazing.

"Good.  At least now you will be entitled to his wealth if anything happens."

"So what else is new?"

"Is she pregnant?"

Why not a simple "Congratulations" ?

My immediate reaction was also unexpected.    "Wow!  Make sure you read my article on wedding sources on the web and check out the wedding page on my site." 

And then I proceeded to tell them about all the weddings I've attended in my life, to give them ideas.  For instance, mobilising the entire village to party in Ireland, showing family photos in California, having a marquee reception next to the Olympic Stadium in Rome, not least getting me to put together the music programme.

That's when they looked at each other and said,"But Anne, we will only invite you if you promise not to play the piano.  We hate ABBA!"