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analyticalQ book review by Anne Ku

Why You Don't Need Meat

Peter Cox

ISBN 0-7225-1298-8, copyright 1986, 240 pages paperback

8 May 2000

After browsing an hour and buying a handful of books at Watkins, I was in a hurry to get home.  Then I spotted an old paperback on the bargain table.  The title stood out in bold:

WHY YOU DON'T NEED MEAT Gives you the straight facts they don't want you to know about:  What is in today's meat; Medical evidence on meat and your health.

Why did it take me fourteen years to discover this book?  I was first introduced to the thought of not eating meat when my father cut down on his meat in-take after retirement.  Then my sister stopped eating meat.   Then my mother.  My brother is still very much a carnivore.  I am too much of a glutton to give up meat.

Meat in Chinese stands for the flesh of any moving animal, including fish.  This book is exclusively non-seafood, it seems.  It dispells several myths that I (and many others) grew up believing:

  • that you need meat because of the proteins
  • that if you didn't have meat, you would wither away
  • that you would be abnormal if you didn't eat meat
  • that you would "miss out"

"Missing out" translates to "kiah-soo" in Singapore, which literally means "afraid to lose".   That is probably the single reason why I've been reluctant to abstain from eating meat.  I would go hungry.  I would miss out on all the delicious suckling pigs, roast goose, kung pao chicken, etc. Most of all, I would be a party pooper, an outcast at banquets.  Besides, I wouldn't have a balanced diet.  My mother always cooked meat because it was easier to cook meat.  There were more recipes containing meat.  They tasted better.

This book is a real eye-opener.  Is this book still in print?  It is well researched.  I'll have to continue this topic in my diary entry (8 May 2000).