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My published work stems from my initial doctoral research into modelling uncertainty and flexibility.  Prior to arrival of the Internet, it was difficult to get hold of electronic copies, let alone hard copies.   My most recent work is intended for a wider reach of audience, that is, freely available via the Internet.

As a decision scientist, I am interested in how people make decisions.  Typically, decision makers try to get as much information as possible. 

The Internet makes more information available to the masses. The variety of choices reassures the decision maker that he/she is not missing out.  Free advice by people who have made such decisions, in the form of published articles and discussion forums, provides more indepth insight into each stage of the process so as to reduce the chance of making a mistake. The Internet facilitates price discovery and quality of service to determine what is value for money and what is reasonable to expect.

While I'm churning out material on a daily basis, via my on-line diary, bon journal and my music, I have also several longer term projects. Two of these are useful books for the layman on decision making.

Decision Making for Flexibility

Making Personal Decisions

My energy-related articles have been published in Global Energy Business and Energy IT, both being bi-monthly magazines of Platts, a McGraw-Hill company.

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Choosing and changing your webhost

152nd issue of Freepint Newsletter Issue 152,
( 22 January 2004)

HTML version, PDF version

Web hosting has become a "sticky and competitive business." It is sticky for the customer because moving your Web site from one host to another can be time-consuming, tedious and even risky.

Anne Ku Web advice page

Getting UK Immigration Information and Advice

148th issue of Freepint
(6 November 2003)

Several important changes have taken place in the area of UK immigration since my first Freepint article on this subject.

Immigration page

Risk and flexibility in electricity: introduction to the fundamentals and techniques

edited by Anne Ku

250 page hardcover book, published by RiskBooks, November 2003

About this book

Energy decisions and the environment: a guide to the use of multi-criteria methods

This densely packed post-graduate-level book could be subtitled "Making tradeoffs among conflicting objectives by multiple stakeholders."

Book review in The Journal of Energy Literature, December 2002

Resignation or redundancy: understanding your legal rights

121st issue of Freepint
(19 September 2002)

Leaving your job is not a simple case of resigning, getting fired, accepting a voluntary separation package, or being made redundant.

Anne Ku has experienced both resignation and redundancy as an employee in a management consulting firm, a bank, an energy company, and a publishing house.

Jobs, Careers, Work

Web Sources for Climate Change and Emissions Trading

99th issue of Freepint
(1 November 2001)

The subject of "climate change", also known as "global warming", conjures up images of radical weather movement and stirs up controversies that reflect both scientific and political uncertainties.

Climate Change

Electric Power Information Sources on the Web

82nd issue of Freepint
(1 March 2001)

Deregulation and restructuring of electricity industries world-wide has introduced concepts that are both unfamiliar and controversial. This article introduces several useful energy information sources, topics of interest, and evaluation considerations.

Energy Information

Test Your Personal Web Site with People You Know

@ 27 June 2000


How good is your web site? How many visitors return for the second and third time? What stops people from returning? Your web site is "sticky" if the visitors return again and again. How do you create stickiness? How do you build loyalty? How do you win commitment?

Web Stuff

Twenty Promotional Tactics to Hit It from All Directions

@ 27 June 2000


Apply the common sense of your daily presence to your web presence. Make yourself easy to be found. Locate your web site next to a well-known one. Some people register domain names that sound like something famous or familiar.

Web Stuff

Reflexology Sources on the Web

69th issue of Freepint
(17 August 2000)

Newcomers to the vast field of complementary medicine (alternative therapy, holistic healing, natural health) may be confused by the plethora of terminology used to describe healing that is not "Western medicine.".....

Heal Thyself


Wedding Sources
on the Web

60th issue of Freepint
(13 April 2000)

Many brides I meet these days tell me that they surf the Internet to get ideas for their wedding, but they do not trust the Internet as the sole source of information.


Weather Sources
on the Web

40th issue of Freepint 
(10 June 1999)

This introductory article discusses free as opposed to paid weather information and lists guru-links under various categories. Subsequently, I wrote another article in Summer 2001 on weather - Betting on the Weather in Jul/Aug 2001 issue of Global Energy Business


UK Immigration Sources
on the Web

35th issue of Freepint 
(1 April 1999)

Immigration concerns are usually private, and the very act of asking for advice alerts others to one's vulnerability (i.e. legal status in the country).

UK Immigration

Modelling Uncertainty in Electricity Capacity Planning

PhD Thesis, London Business School (February 1995)

Rather than rigorous modelling for completeness, flexibility introduces an entirely different treatment of uncertainty.

Doctoral Thesis

An Assessment of Flexibility Concepts and Their Practical Usefulness to Decision Modelling

Proceedings of the Symposium über Operations Research, Cologne, Germany, 1-3 Sept 1993

In spite of its popularity, flexibility has not received the formal recognition worthy of mature and well-defined concepts like optimality or profitability.

4-Page Paper

Methodology of a Case Study Based Modelling Experiment

Proceedings of the British Academy of Management Annual Conference, Milton Keynes, UK, 20 - 22 Sept 1993

This approach of comparing models uses several fundamental elements of research design:  comparative analysis, case study, modelling experiment, and interview.

2-Page Paper