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Enron Ron

parodied by Jeffrey B. Dahl
Dahlgutz Productions

original: Da Doo Run Run (the Crystals)

Bought stock on Monday, everything looked great.
Whoo hoo ! Enron Ron, Whoo hoo Enron.
But then by Friday was a different fate.
Gonna sue Enron Ron, Gonna sue Enron!

Yeh, they told a tale.
Yeh, they knew they'd fail.
And when it hit the fan,
files were gone, gone, gone
at Enron Ron Ron.

Played where's Kenny for a couple days
Peeka boo Enron Ron, Peekaboo Enron.
Then when he showed, there was still a haze.
Not a clue Enron Ron, not a clue Enron.

Yeah, I really got stiffed.
Then, they all took the fifth.
So, now here I sit, flushing Enron Ron
down the john, john john.

(soon to be on "The Angry Canadian", a Twin Cities cable access show)

Yes, I wrote it for my cable access show "The Angry Canadian" , which is a show for expressing opinions. We do this through interviews, monologues, and satire. One of our cast members is also the leader of a local cover band. After I wrote this, I went to him and his band to see if they could play the music. It was no problem! After just a couple takes we had it down. I thought we had something pretty good, so I was cruising the web to find a place to copyright the lyrics. I discovered that I needed the copyright info ( # and date ) of the original for the form, so I was searching for that when I came across your your site listing. Got curious. Took a look. I really like it ! Also, thought it'd be a good idea to get the lyrics out there on the web, in addition to airing the video here in the Twin Cities.

I'm not associated with Enron, but as a citizen feel compelled to ridicule those powerful and arrogant in our society as a means of increasing awareness of the harmful and absurd elements that exist around us.

I consider myself a sort of disciple of Michael Moore, and whenever I can, I use my show in much the same way he uses his show "The Awful Truth" .