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How to be found on the Internet or the Web

One of the most exciting things to do these days is to find yourself in cyberspace. For some people, it's essential to be found. More importantly, it's essential that the right YOU gets found.

If you happen to have a common name, or rather, your name is that of someone more famous, you will have a problem trying to get found. There is more than one "John Smith" in the world, which one are you?

Lucky for me, there's so far (touch wood) only one Anne Ku. And certainly only one analyticalQ and one Bon Journal.

The first step is to make yourself unique. To do so, it may require that you add what you do after your name. For example, "Anne Ku, pianist" or "Anne Ku, portfolio careerist" instead of simply "Anne Ku."

If you have a website, be sure to put your distinguishable self in page titles and descriptions to allow search engines to find you.

While there are many ways to get yourself found, including submitting your site to search engines, reciprocal linking, writing Internet articles, leaving your mark on prevalent sites, and getting listed in a directory, by far the fastest and surest way to get found is this:

Get linked from a popular site.

Better yet, get yourself or your website mentioned in a popular site.

You see, popular sites get visited by search engines on a regular basis.

I experimented with this advice recently. Within three days, google found the person I wrote about --- on Bon Journal. That's right, 3 days! So how do you get mentioned on Bon Journal?

Please, don't bombard me with e-mails. I get enough of those already. Invite me to your exhibition, your concert, your book launch, your poetry reading contest, your piano competition, your record release, your housewarming party, ....... need I say more?

Write me a personal e-mail telling me why you or your website is so special, and what you can do for me or in return. I don't want more clutter of the physical kind, but I could do with good solid advice and stimulating conversation in a restaurant of my choice. And oh yes - I'm trying to sell my my CDs, my books, and my personal things!!

15 November 2003 Saturday

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