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Targeted advertising

Critical of the way magazine, newspaper, and television advertisements interrupt my train of thought, I am the last person to choose advertising as a way to raise awareness. But lessons from organising concerts, selling my books, and promoting my new book have taught me that advertising has its virtues.

My first approach is to tell people I know personally. I believe in the personal touch, and that people will respond because they know you. There is some accountability and responsibility in knowing a person. If a friend invites me to his art exhibition, I would pay attention because it's about him and his work which define the person I want to get to know further.

The personal touch is powerful. Unless you have a large and powerful personal network, you have to consider advertising to a targetted audience, i.e. those that would be interested in going to your concert not because of who you are but because of the repertoire and venue, those that would be interested in buying your books because of the price and relevant titles.

Bulletin boards at the supermarket and news agents display ads which are viewed by people looking for stuff. Similar kinds of people look at the ads section of local newspapers and magazines.

Electronic bulletin boards, powered by search engines, are also useful places to advertise.

One thing I forgot to mention in my advertisements is that if I become famous, everything I own will appreciate in value. So, please order my CD's, buy my books, and buy my personal items before it's too late!

10 November 2003 Monday

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