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Background photo: Anne Ku at Ilp, May 2001 after an afternoon of swim, sauna, and steam.

Bon Journal

Invitation to rejection

We were asked to tell those people we cared about what we discovered and to declare to them our inauthenticities and the possibilities we've invented for ourselves. Then we were to invite them to come to the Landmark Forum evening session on Tuesday.

I had at first thought about inviting those friends that were easiest to invite -- those that were free for the evening and curious about new things. I changed my mind and decided to call my friend who had objected to my taking this course.

That conversation was the beginning of the NO train. What's worse than spilling your guts and getting no empathy? I wonder what the point was, to reveal oneself, to invite the uninvitable, and to get rejected.

My brother said that I was always discovering things about myself. Big deal. My sister asked me to take care of myself. My mother listened. I couldn't reach my dad. My friends listened but had other plans on Tuesday evening. My NLP classmate, thank goodness, was interested in attending the evening session.

On my last call, I had condensed my spiel to "There's an interesting evening taking place tomorrow." Short cut the long and winding road of how I was transformed by the Landmark course and how I was going to live from now on.

"Would you like me to attend this evening, Anne?" asked my final invite. Why, of course.

3 March 2003 Monday

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