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Missing my cat?

I read an article recently that said having a pet was more stress relieving than being alone or with a (human) partner. So I sent it to my single friend who has a cat. This is her reply, which I'm sure was intended to make me miss my cat less.

Well, I think they can be stress inducers as well as relievers.
How about:
Having to catch frogs as they jump round the living room (in the small hours)
Trying to catch mice as they run round the living room (in the small hours)
Having to scrape up little corpses from the carpet
Avoiding stepping on said dead bodies in the first place
Being woken up in the small hours so that you can be formally presented with a corpse
Waking up in the small hours on the edge of the bed - because the cat's got the rest
Hearing violent cat fights in the park and knowing one of them is yours
Watching the cat sit down in the middle of the road to have a wash - oblivious to the traffic
Digging the garden to see the cat digging it up behind you
Finding the cat (and his friends/enemies) sitting on your prize plants
Being ambushed as you walk downstairs
Being ambushed as you walk across a room
Trying to stop furniture scratching attacks
Trying to avoid teeth and claws when games get out of hand
Trying to persuade him that the visit to the vet is a necessary thing
Trying to get him into the cat basket without being scratched to shreds
Trying to get him out the basket at the vets
Paying the vet's outrageous bills
Trying to get him to swallow the outrageously expensive pills the vet prescribes
Worrying that he'll miss you when you're away ....
.... knowing he doesn't really as long as he's fed!
But I wouldn't swap him for the world.

2 October 2002 Wednesday

best friends
her cat and my cat
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