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A year ago

Monday a year ago was 10th September 2001. Like Monday 9th September 2002, it was pouring rain - all day.

On Monday 10th September 2001 in New York, my colleagues and I welcomed the new chief editor. We were scheduled to go on a sunset yacht cruise, around Queens and Long Island. But the rain was too ferocious.

Instead, we went to the steak house next to Madison Square Gardens, where Michael Jackson was reputedly going to perform.

I remember the rain. It rained all day.

A year later, Monday 9th September 2002 in London, I woke up to the rain. It had been raining throughout the night. I got out of bed at 11:30 am, after a restful sleep. If it wasn't for my 12 o'clock appointment, I would take it easy and stay indoors.

Instead, I had to venture out in my poorly equipped raingear and cycle to my destination. Later in the evening, I cycled back for the second time, completely soaked.

I got home and walked around in the dark. It was a visible twilight of a darkness. I turned on a single lamp and sat on my bed to call my brother. A year ago, I went to him after the sounds of silence and sirens. It feels like deja vu, this rain that doesn't stop. I hope it's not deja vu.

Like Tuesday a year ago, 10th September 2002 began with clear blue skies, cloudless as far as you can see. The promise of a perfect day. But Tuesday a year ago became a perfect day in hell. Black Tuesday in New York.

10 September 2002 Tuesday

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