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The colour purple

At the suggestion of my friend from California, I bought beet. Yes, the purple root vegetable that I've never bought before and will never have even noticed its existence had it not been for my friend's suggestion.

I scrubbed and washed the outer skin and cut off the head. Then I cut it into two or three pieces each. And guess what I did with the beet? I put it into the juicer together with peeled carrots and cutup apples. And the result was a beautiful bright purple and orange coloured drink, highly fortified in vitamin C.

Incidentally, as I write this, I'm wearing my purple top and shorts. After my morning pilates (pronounced pi- lah - tis) class, I cycled to the library, the supermarket, and home.

Last evening I cooked purple cauliflower for the first time. Yes, I didn't know cauliflower came in the colour purple. Last week it was green. Anyway, I boiled it with my neighbour's freshly dug potato and made a thick creamy soup with melted English cheddar cheese. Yum! Yum!

Of course, I've seen the movie The Color Purple and cried rivers of tears back in my college days.

In high school, my friends and I formed a group called the Purple People. We used to wear purple trousers to school.

So what significance is the colour purple? It's just a mixture of the primary colours blue and red. What's the big deal?

5 September 2002 Thursday

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