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Detox day

It must have been the Irish coffee sipped at 8:30 pm that kept me awake all night. I must discipline myself to deny any caffeine after 12 noon.

On the other hand, the barbequed chicken, sausage, and hamburger from yesterday are still happily asleep in my stomach. I feel bloated and overweight.

It was merely a day of meat indulgence, and already I'm meat-allergic. Perhaps it was the succession of socialisation that I feel so spent. Or was missing three days of health club exercises that made the difference?

Whatever it is, today I am determined to stick to my plan all along. I will juice up fresh carrots and apples purchased from the farmer's market. I will consume an all vegetarian diet. I will cycle to the gym and workout. I will not drink alcohol or coffee. Hopefully this will get rid of all toxins in my body.

Oh yes, one more thing. I will not socialise with anyone today. I will practise piano and write. I will detox and get back to discipline.

26 August 2002 Monday

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