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Bon Journal

Any more bon journals?

I started keeping an online journal, not for vanity but for progress. Offline I have a more personal journal. But after awhile, I forget why I bother to be so disciplined.

Let's see, my original reasons were:

1- to discipline myself to write every day

2- to create different ways of getting into my web site

3- to share with other people experiences and thoughts which may evoke similar feelings

4- to capture the moment

5- to vent - yes, when it's impossible to directly express my thoughts and feelings, I would turn it into a readable story.

6- to try my hand at different styles of writing: the serious, the funny, the sad, etc.

7- to remember things I'd otherwise forget

8- to entertain

After a year of The Diary of Anne Ku and a year of Bon Journal, I wonder if I should continue. I hope my dedicated readers, whoever and wherever you are, will contact me via the Webmaster to let me know why I should continue. Or why I should stop.

30 April 2002 Tuesday