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Champagne in sun

The sun is such a charmer on a warm and sunny day like today. In England, the sun is a flirt. I have to go inside everytime it flirts with the clouds that cover it.

Today I sit outside, in the heart of Bussum, Holland to enjoy the sun on my face. I'm still risk averse to wearing lighter clothes and showing more of my skin. It's only early April after all.

My friend Linda in Houston got me interested in drinking champagne. She was always drinking champagne and celebrating the joy of being alive. So why shouldn't I?

I celebrate the full moon, the change of seasons, the solstices, the different new years, birthdays, and anniversaries. On this occasion, I'm celebrating two successful concerts and embracing future performance opportunities.

Ah! It feels so wonderful to sit in the sun, surrounded by trees, and not having to drink alone.

2 April 2002 Tuesday