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Poetic licence

How easily we are blinded by the questions that businessmen ask. They ask the cost and worth of things. One of the first questions I ask is whether an artist makes a living by his art. And when I walk through galleries, I often wonder why dead artists make more money than live ones.

I don't compose music because I hope to make money. I compose because I have to --- it's the blood of my soul. When I hear the music, I have to drop everything to write it down. Otherwise it is suspended in mid-air and I can't move on.

I write poetry when I am inspired and moved to create. The process of writing the poem transforms me, from one who is suppressed to one who is alive. When I read the poems submitted to analyticalQ site, I recall what it's like to share my poetry with others. It's a deeply personal experience. What I want is empathy. Can you feel what I experienced when I wrote it? Does my poem evoke the same feelings in you?

People don't write poems so they can get paid for them. They write because they feel. They seek their publication to gain empathy and acknowledgement.

The passions accumulated from a lifetime of rich experiences kaleidoscopes into a hunger for feedback and a desire to share. It is for this reason that I open the analyticalQ platform to self-expression in words, music, and art.

25 March 2002 Monday

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