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In search of sponsorship

Time after time, company marketers tell me the best use of their money is in sponsoring events, especially those for their own clients. It's cheaper than paying for an exhibition booth, flying the kit out there, manning the booth, and packing up. For an event, you get your logo as well as the right to distribute anything that you want the event attendees to consume or take home.

Such is the reason why companies sponsor art and music events. They get their name affiliated with supporting the arts.

So how am I going to find sponsorship for my web site and my concerts? I'm doing all this in my what little spare time I have.

Somebody I was nice to (a long time ago) paid for two years of mega web hosting for my site. All I did was complain to him in an email that I needed a new web host that would give me more functionality and control. He emailed me back with a list of features. When I asked him why he was willing to pay for it, he replied that I was nice to him when he was interning at my company.

So I guess the moral of the story is: be nice. And also, express your need. How will anyone know what you want or need if you don't say so.

Well, I think I've been pretty nice sharing my thoughts and music with the world. So who would be generous enough to sponsor my site so that I can continue?

2 March 2002 Saturday