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My favourite recipes

When I was a young girl, pre-teens actually, I started to collect recipes. I filed them all on index cards. Cooking is the mother of necessity. When my mother went away, I'd have to cook. And so, I figured it out by following recipes and experimentation.

These days I cook so that I can free my mind. Often I would make the same dish over and over again until I've got the recipe memorised.

I'm quite taken with "rocket" and shiitake mushrooms. Everytime I go to the supermarket, I would pick them up automatically. They are very nice in salads and in pasta.

Lately I've developed a fondness for making lassi. I've always like this sweet yoghurt drink. But I didn't know how simple it was to make it. Just put an equal amount of very cold water and organic yoghurt together, drop a tablespoon or two of white sugar, and mix or blend away.

When I'm on the ground, I like to cleanse my body with fresh juice from my juicer. On Saturdays I'd reward myself with fresh carrot and apple juice. It seems such a luxury to kill several sticks of carrot for one glass of indulgence.

5 January 2002 Saturday