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Accompanying flute auditions

It's not as trivial as I had expected. All these things I must remember when playing with the flautist:

  • play all notes evenly
  • keep in tempo
  • start with the right tempo
  • listen to the flautist
  • figure out the page turns
  • make sure I don't goof up for her audition
  • need to rehearse in front of others to get over stage fright.

Years ago in college I accompanied a flautist's senior recital. Actually, the piano part was on par with the flute part. So really, it wasn't an accompaniment at all. We worked through pieces by Olivier Messiaen, Franz Schubert, and Walter Piston. Quite a challenge!

Today I'm practising one of J.S. Bach's flute sonatas, Gabriel Faure's Fantasie, and Taktakishvili's Sonata not as challenging as that senior recital, but then again, I don't get to practise 3 hours a day anymore!

1 December 2001 Saturday