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Men turning forty

This is the year that several of my male friends (ex-boyfriends, new friends, acquaintances, etc.) turn forty.

One hid in his shell at the prospect of turning forty.

Another planned a grandiose retreat on the island of Malta only to succumb to work. On his 40th birthday, he said,"I am officially old."

I recall attending the surprise 40th birthday party thrown by my friend's partner. He had warned me that turning forty for a man was a very BIG deal. After his birthday, he let his stomach grow. It was no longer necessary to keep fit.

I suppose it's similar to what women experience when they turn 30. I didn't want anyone to know. I ran away.

If my memory serves me correctly, today is the 40th birthday of a novice daytrader who has returned to live with his parents after losing the battle with the markets. If by this age, 40-year old birthday boys haven't found girlfriends or wives willing to mother them, they are very lucky to be able to return home where their mothers are ready to welcome them to a second childhood.

28 November 2001 Wednesday