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Bon Journal

So many ideas

I'm just bursting with ideas lately.

But the demands of my job prevent me from executing these ideas. And in between what I have to do, I must catch up on my personal life. So I'm going to list my ideas here so I won't forget them

Web-related - to do a page on

  • why you should quit smoking - as a service to those friends I care about
  • music stores around the world, or strategies to find music scores
  • short cuts to getting around London and other places

I'm also looking for music scores:

  • classical music written by female composers
  • music for children, such as album for the young
  • variations on the happy birthday tune
  • modal music such as that written by Einauldi
  • classical guitar and piano duo
  • good transcriptions/arrangements of chamber work

Off the web, I want to get rid of the garbage in my life -- which, according to author David Pelzer, is the first thing a person must do. And I have lots of ideas about that. Garbage isn't just clothes and shoes I never wear. It's also intangible things.

But for the time-starved jetsetter, I need a stretch of time on the ground to do this. And I have simply no idea how this can be done.

2 November 2001 Friday