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Full moon on Halloween night

As I was leaving the office, I noticed the full mooon against a cloudless sky. Thank goodness I'm not going to be at home this evening, I thought to myself. I simply can't have another embarrassing Halloween night of opening my doors to trick-or-treating kids only to disappoint them with no tricks or treats.

My escape was to go swimming. Earlier in the day, the masseuse had told me to release all that energy in my head through breathing. I could tell she was concerned about me. When I swim, I breathe deeply and regularly. An hour of that gets rid of all the pent-up anxiety.

Tonight the pool was full of dedicated swimmers. The sauna was occupied by two Spanish speaking men who couldn't stop talking. The steam room was occupied by two Russian speaking men. Two girls sat outside both rooms chatting for about an hour in some obscure language. In the women's locker room afterwards, I overheard two women converse loudly in French.

After my swim, I had dinner with my good friend's brother, an ex-oil trader-turned-shipping lawyer. Our last dinner conversation was so enlightening that I wanted to continue another evening of reflection - upon life, work, play, friendship, travel, and lessons learned.

Oh! Let me do anything but be at home waiting for trick-or-treaters to knock on my door. How I used to love this night as a kid. But as an adult, everyday could be a trick or a treat!

31 October 2001 Wednesday