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Bon Journal

Days fly like arrow

The phone woke me up. It was my sister. She was merely replying to my voicemail.

Halfway into our conversation, my mobile phone rang. I ended my call with sis - and went downstairs to get my mobile phone. Too late. My home phone rang again.

It was Yasmin. She had hurt her toe. Breakfast cancelled.

I lay on the bed chatting. Then I walked outside - into the ten o'clock sun.

Unlike the day before, the sun was determined to appear and stay. Without having even brushed my teeth, I set about clearing up the ivy. They had all but covered the little golden hook for the hammock. This proved an interesting task. The remnants made good material for my compost bin. Cutting overstretched plant was an addictive activity - which led me to cutting other types of plant as well.

These days I can't help notice how fast time flies. There's a Chinese saying about how time flies like an arrow: guang yin si jian. Or the turn of an eye, it's gone. Is it just my imagination? Or is it really true that time passes so quickly? For all time challenged individuals, getting time to stand still is the most challenging. I cannot understand how anyone can just "veg out" or do nothing.

I almost forgot to hang out my laundry. Then there are emails to check, cookies to make and bake, berries to pick, travel to arrange, telephone to call, etc. It's a race against time - especially with the days getting shorter.

28 August 2001