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Bruised fruit

Toasting already sliced bread and spreading them with margarine and homemade jam prove to be quick and easy. Usually, if I eat bread, I buy the kind that requires cutting. And I spread it with real butter that requires softening.

Today I decided to have muesli with fresh fruit and yogurt. It took me fifteen minutes to wash, trim off the bruised bits, and cut the fruit. Hard work, but why? My variety-seeking behaviour leads me to desire different types of breakfasts. I didn't grow up with yogurt or muesli. My tendency towards complexity also veers me back to my status quo - meals that take too long to prepare.

While cutting the fruit, I couldn't help but notice the bruised peach and banana. How sad! Even the outer skin could not protect the inner pain. Yet minus the bruises, they were perfect, edible fruit. Is that like people? We can't see how perfectly formed they are inside because we judge them by the way they look. And how long will it take to get to know them before we learn to appreciate the beauty within?

Breakfast is a time for thinking and planning. The days are getting shorter and shorter as the summer wanes. Soon I will have to resort to simpler breakfasts. That is, before the day slips into darkness completely.

23 August 2001